Mutt Motorcycle x Goldtop

who are mutt motorcycle?

Mutt was born and bred in the creative and industrial heart of the UK, and birthplace of British motorcycling; Birmingham.

Mutts ethos is to deliver you a bike that’s easy to ride and maintain, affordable to buy, whilst giving you the same feel and sound of a classically styled machine - and they've certainly achieved that!

Fat Sabbath 125 - Matt Black

Let's delve into the details and see how these motorcycles stand out from the crowd...

The Fat Sabbath rolls heavy on chunky twin-duro tyres with a whopping 4.00 x 18 on the front and rear, which is the widest front tyre they do on any of their models. They even had to fit an extra-wide front mudguard to cover it!

To accentuate the fat wheels on the Sabbath, Mutt opted for slightly narrower and higher blacked out Mutt tracker handlebars and black diamond pattern grips, perfect for hauling this little steam roller through the traffic or slamming through the twisties.

For parking your ass, Mutt then designed an ultra-thin diamond pattern black seat to match those grips, which is hand made in Birmingham.

at a glance...

This bike features some finer details such as super-neat new indicator brackets; a set of short rider and pillion pegs; and a drilled aluminium gear lever and shift peg.

If you look closer at the chunky little posterior of a Mutt Motorcycle, you'll see four beautiful machine CNC nuts holding the rear shocks on. The Fat Sabbath 125cc has a 5-speed box, mini Speedo, neutral indicator, fuel light, linked brakes, electric start and everything else you would expect to find on a modern bike. The bullet proof, 4-stroke motor is housed in our twin shock tube frame and fuel injected for that extra smooth bit of poke.

All these extra details gives the Fat Sabbath a more aggressive look that Bruce Wayne would be proud of. 

Mutt x Goldtop

Mutt very kindly lent a Fat Sabbath 125cc to Goldtop to ride in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, 2023

These incredible bikes fit perfectly into the classic and vintage theme of the DGR, whilst allowing a smooth journey through both the towns and countryside on our route. 

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