Upcoming changes to our leather jackets

Goldtop quilted lining - "Licence to twill"

We are making some small changes to further improve the quality of our jackets.

We have sourced a new luxury twill lining from an esteemed Japanese Textile Mill, providing a high quality finish and feel, with added durability.

This thicker gauge, twill-finish fabric, bears a closer resemblance to the traditional linings seen in our jackets from the 1960s and 1970s, with a mid-sheen finish and cotton thread-stitched quilting.

We also offer a re-lining service for your jackets as part of our repairs service, and can re-line any jacket with this new twill lining. Feel free to get in touch at info@goldtop.co.uk for more information. 

Cuff alterations

To improve comfort and functionality, and based upon customer feedback, we have made a small alteration to the fit and finish of the cuffs on most of our jacket styles. 

They will now feature a wider opening with a re-designed zip-gusset, allowing for a larger range of gloves and watches to be worn more comfortably under the jacket. 

This is something we’ve worked hard on to ensure your riding experience in a Goldtop jacket is the best it can be.  

New leather motorcycle jacket with wider cuffs. Standing in front of Goldtop sign and brick wall

service updates

On top of the above changes, we're also updating some of our services that we offer at Goldtop. We will include an offer of an extended 2-year warranty with all our leather jackets, as well as replacement metalware guaranteed for the life of our products. 

To make shopping with us easier, we are happy to announce that we will provide free UK (mainland) returns on all orders over £250.

contact us

We thank you for your continued support and for being with us on our journey so far. We are as committed as ever to providing the very best products and services to you. We will continue to listen to our customers and improve our products where needed so you can be protected, comfortable and stylish whilst riding.  

If you have any questions about the above changes, please contact us on info@goldtop.co.uk