Riding in Style: Timeless, Vintage Motorcycle Clothing

When it comes to motorcycle riding, it's not just about the thrill of the open road, but also the style that comes with it. For riders who appreciate the classic and timeless look, vintage motorcycle clothing is the epitome of riding in style. 

From iconic leather jackets to trendy white knee-high socks, vintage-inspired fashion is a perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style.

"offering riders a timeless and nostalgic look that never goes out of style"

Leather Jackets: The Ultimate Style Statement


Nothing screams "cool" like a classic leather jacket. With its timeless appeal and rugged durability, a leather jacket is a staple piece in any vintage motorcycle rider's wardrobe. Not only does it provide protection, but also adds a touch of rebellion and attitude to the overall look.


The Goldtop leather jackets come in various styles, such as The Bobber with its asymmetrical zipper or The 619 with its wide lapels. All our jackets are made from high-quality leather that provides excellent abrasion resistance with a CE “AAA” Certification, making them perfect for motorcycle riding. 


Complete the look by adding some retro-inspired accessories such as a vintage silk scarf or aviator sunglasses for that extra dose of old-school charm.

Knee-High Socks: The Classic Style Statement

White knee-high socks are an iconic accessory that really has stood the test of time. These socks were a popular choice among riders in the post-war era and continue to be a fashionable, and reliable choice for those who appreciate the retro look.

Our knee-high socks come in either 60%, 75%, or 80% wool, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any motorcycle outfit whilst also keeping your feet toasty on those chilly rides. They are typically worn with leather boots or lace-up shoes and can be paired with jeans or trousers. The contrast between the white socks and the dark-coloured boots or trousers is visually striking and captures the essence of vintage style.

For a truly authentic look, our Wool Socks have subtle patterns and textures within the stitching. These small details add an extra layer of authenticity to your vintage outfit and will make you stand out from the crowd!

Post-War Fashion: The Nostalgic Era


The post-war era was a pivotal time in history, and it also had a significant impact on fashion. During this period, riders often featured a blend of military-inspired clothing, workwear, and utilitarian designs. Olive drab or khaki-coloured jackets, cargo pants, and sturdy boots were common choices for riders who sought durability and functionality.


To incorporate post-war fashion into your vintage motorcycle clothing, consider opting for jackets with military-style pockets such as The Patrol Jacket. Even by getting your favourite jacket in an earthy tone such as olive green, or brown, which were popular colours during the post-war era, will help to achieve the desired effect.

Cafe Racer Style: The Rebellious Cool


The Cafe Racer culture emerged in the 1950s and 1960s in the UK and quickly became synonymous with the rebellious and cool attitude of the time. Cafe Racer riders were known for their sleek and minimalist bikes, as well as their distinctive fashion sense.


The Cafe Racer style is all about simplicity and functionality, with a focus high-quality materials. Leather jackets are a key element, often featuring a slim fit, minimalist design. Simple details such as a round collar or snap button closure similar to The '68 Cafe Racer Leather Jacket is an ideal example of what they would wear during that time.


In addition to leather jackets, Cafe Racers often opt for slim-fitting jeans or trousers, simple t-shirts, and classic riding boots. The overall look is streamlined with a touch of rebellion that captures the true spirit. Accessories like a retro-style helmet or vintage goggles can also add a nostalgic touch to your outfit.

Classic Bikes: The Perfect Match for Vintage Style

When it comes to vintage style motorcycle clothing, the choice of bike can greatly influence the overall look and feel of your outfit.

Vintage motorcycle clothing is a perfect blend of fashion and function, offering riders a timeless and nostalgic look that never goes out of style. From classic leather jackets to knee-high socks, post-war fashion to café racer coolness, the world of vintage motorcycle clothing offers a plethora of options for riders who appreciate the retro and timeless aesthetic.

So, gear up in your favourite vintage-inspired pieces, and hit the road with style and attitude!

*Regardless of the type of classic bike you ride, it's important to choose motorcycle clothing that not only looks good but also provides the necessary protection and comfort for your ride. Look for clothing made from high-quality materials with an approved CE rating, including features such as reinforced stitching, armour inserts, and ventilation to ensure maximum comfort and safety while riding.