PALM PAY™ The Truth

We played a little prank

So, we have a confession to make... the PALM PAY™ by Goldtop Leather Motorcycle Gloves was in fact, an April Fools Day prank.

You can pay with a phone, a watch.. so why not a glove? 🤔💭 

Maybe one day these gloves might actually exist, but today is not the dayWhat other features would you like to see on motorcycle clothing in the future, to help better your experience?

Take a look at the behind the scenes of making this April Fools video with the link below.

PALM PAY  by Goldtop

Not an actual product unfortunately *sigh*

The PALM PAY™ might not be coming into production any time soon, but the gloves featured in the video are a new design we're working on! 

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In the meantime, shop our current range of leather motorcycle gloves.

PALM PAY™ Goldtop Gloves in use at The Goldtop Shop - April Fools Prank 2023

PALM PAY™ "Too good to be true"

and in fact... 100% not true.