Ordering from the EU since Brexit

Your Guide to EU Shipping, Taxes and Duties


For all orders which have a delivery address within the EU, we dispatch via a Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) service. 


This means that we collect any applicable Duties or Taxes at the Point of Sale during checkout, resulting in no additional charges or unnecessary delays ahead of delivery.


For all orders where the value of goods plus shipping (excluding taxes) are less than 150 Euro, these are sent with customs arranged via the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) method which Goldtop have registered for in order to improve your shopping experience.


For these shipments, we charge the VAT (at your local rate) at the point of sale, which we then pay on your behalf to the Customs Authority within the delivery country. The benefit of us being registered for IOSS is that this alleviates additional charges such as Duty and Clearance Charges from being charged on these shipments. 


For you, this simplifies purchasing from the UK, improves your shopping experience, and means that you only pay what is shown at the Point of Sale, resulting in a cheaper overall delivered cost to compared to non-IOSS shipments.


For all orders which are over the IOSS threshold of 150 Euro, we send these shipments via a non-IOSS Delivered Duties Paid service. For these orders, we calculate any required Duty charges, and we show this cost to you at the Point of Sale for full transparency on the final delivered costs. We take care of all customs paperwork on your behalf, and we also cover the cost of any Clearance Charges in order to further simplify the purchasing process.

IOSS example order (for all orders under €150)

NON-IOSS example order (for all orders over €150)

Both methods result in you only paying what is shown to you at the Point of Sale, with us taking care of all customs paperwork on your behalf, with you simply having to wait to take delivery of your goods after the order has been processed.