750 Words about Socks

A feature from Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine, April 2023 issue 751

I bought two pairs of motorcycle socks from Goldtop.

"Late in 2021, I bought two pairs of motorcycle socks from Goldtop Motorcycle Outfitters in Hertfordshire, England, wherever that is. I can’t recall how I became aware of Goldtop. Perhaps they posted an ad on Facebook. I went to the catalogue, and settled on the 75% Merino Wool Motorcycle Socks.

They arrived mere days later. I wrote to Joe and told him I’d been amazed by the quick delivery. 

When I was able to ride again, spring had come to the Rockies and the time for blissfully warm socks had passed. The Goldtop socks languished in a drawer with more than a few pairs of motorcycle socks I’ve accumulated over the decades. Perhaps I have a little motorcycle sock problem, but it’s not obvious until I open that drawer.

As I write this, it’s early November. The time for such socks is upon us, oh yes. I have worn the socks and I have found them delightful. I have many genuinely good motorcycle socks, but the Goldtops are dramatically superior."

What makes a cold-weather motorcycle sock so successful?

"What does such a sock have to do to make an old, easily-chilled rider like myself (and perhaps yourself) happy?

That sock has to feel luxuriously thick when that rider puts it on. It has to be thick – but not so thick that it crowds his toes inside his boots and impedes the circulation of his blood. No. It should be just thick enough, why, like these Goldtop Motorcycle Socks.

A fine cold-weather motorcycle sock must come up high on the rider’s calf, nearly to his knee. And it must stay there persistently, even as he or she walks – or climbs aboard or scrambles off a motorcycle. Or perhaps kicks a kickstarter.

That sock must never even hint at falling down the calf of the rider. An example of that sort of stubborn persistence is the Goldtop 75% Merino Wool Motorcycle Sock."

"A really effective cold-weather motorcycle sock must keep the rider’s lower leg and foot warm in bitterly wintry temperatures and the ever-present windchill of a fast-moving motorcycle.”

Photo of Motorcycle Sport and Leisure magazine on Goldtop socks

I discovered all these fine qualities about my new Goldtop socks and felt a rush of gratitude

"I wrote to Joe again. I told him I have a lot of motorcycle socks but that the Goldtop ones are just wonderful, better than the rest, and I love them.

Joe wrote that he tells customers when they buy their first pair that they will be back to buy two or three more pairs – and very often that’s just what happens!

...They sure sell great socks."