5 Reasons why leather is the best

Leather has been used as protective clothing for thousands of years. It was the Ancient Greeks who first documented and established the basis for the modern-day leather tanning process. First being used to make leather sandals and clothing, but quickly expanded across Egypt and Rome, where it was adapted for the first pieces of leather armour and protective clothing.


Over the years and into medieval Britain, the UK became very proficient in tanning leather and developed guilds to further strengthen the industry and quality of leather produced. 


What we know about leather today: Leather has a very unique structure. It's made up of millions of tiny hairline fibres - finer than hair. They are so fine that 2,000 side by side would only span one centimetre. These fine fibres are grouped together into thicker fibres with special characteristics with air channels and passages. This allows air and perspiration to pass through plus, provides good elasticity, abrasion, and tear resistance. Since leather has air between its fibres, it also provides good insulation from cold or direct heat.

5 Reasons why we use leather


The primary reason why we wear jackets on a motorcycle is for the protection is provides. Leather is one of the best performing materials for resistance to tear, abrasion, and bursts, whilst also being soft and supple enough to conform to a fit for use in a garment. Leather tends to be regarded as the most protective material that you can wear comfortably against your skin.


Leather is made to last for years and with proper care and maintenance will typically outlive any textile jacket in comparison. When buying a leather jacket, you're investing long-term in your style and protection.


Leather's tough properties makes it great for dealing with harsh weather. It can be treated and supplemented to provide Water Resistance, and will naturally can keep out strong winds keeping you warm and snug during cold, windy rides. If you're worried about heating up in summer, some jackets come with removable linings and/or perforated leather panels to allow for improved airflow.


The beauty of good-quality leather when worn is that it forms around your body for a completely unique, tailored fit, allowing the jacket or gloves to be extremely comfortable when riding.


Riding gear should also be a reflection of your individual spirit and personality. it's the ultimate statement of timeless style!